A collaboration of Social Influencers who promote brands their audience will engage with.

Terms and Conditions

  1. By applying to MWoosh you are applying to become part of the MWoosh network.
  2. It is the complete discretion of Mwoosh to decide who is accepted and membership can be removed at any time without explanation (we will aim to discuss issues before this occurs).
  3. You agree that MWoosh may contact you by email and through the social media accounts you will provide us with.
  4. You agree that we have permission to use the information you provide us with, and the content you post on the social media accounts you registered with us, to profile you and offer you promotions/advertising opportunities.
  5. You agree to only promote brands you are happy to talk about in a positive manner.
  6. You understand that:
    1. it is optional to take part in any of the promotions we provide access to.
    2. your access to promotions is decided by your previous experience working with us, where successful advertisement is rewarded with a wider range of opportunities through the use of Mwoosh Marks.
    3. your data will be stored as outlined in our Privacy Policy.
    4. you are under no obligation to promote anything you do not agree with or any brands you cannot be positive about. However, if you do agree to run a promotion then you are agreeing to read the individual terms of the promotion and adhere to the guidelines of what you are promoting and what you include in associated proposals.
  7. You agree to present any negative feedback or complaints about MWoosh to MWoosh directly through the appropriate contact forms and not on public forums or through an otherwise public network.
  8. You are aware that the terms of the advertising arrangements are strictly confidential and you shall not discuss these publicly, with other advertisers, with other networks or other MWooshers.
  9. You agree to work through the network and when you are introduced to brand through the MWoosh platform you agree to deal with the brand through MWoosh and not contact them directly or arrange to work with them independently for a period of 12 months after the agreement has been made.