A collaboration of Social Influencers who promote brands their audience will engage with.

Brands / PR and Marketing Agencies.

MWoosh is a collaboration of social influencers who come together to promote brands their audience will engage with.

The technology and tracking means you can benefit from using thousands of social influences in a cost effective and trackable way. Your campaign can be shown in front of the right audience and reach a wide variety of people because MWoosh brings together a group of MWooshers rather than you having to speak to them individually.

As a Brand you can use MWoosh to:

  1. Collect GDPR compliant data
  2. Drive traffic to your websites
  3. Launch a new or existing brand on social media
  4. Promote giveaways and special offers
  5. Gain entries into prize draws.
  6. Find audiences that want to engage with your brand
  7. Find new customers
  8. Plus, lots more

All under the reassurance that MWooshers only agree to work with the brands and campaigns they believe in and they know will be of interest to the audience.

MWoosh monitors the engagement while MWoosh marks track the authenticity and success of MWooshers giving brands a wider reach and trackability.

We would work with you to identify individual or groups of MWooshers that have the correct audience reach and put together a package that will meet your business requirements, fit your budget and exceed your expectations.

We have developed some brilliant technology, combined with our friendly, honest, expertise ensures it will all run to plan.

If you want further details on how you can use MWoosh to promote your brand then please provide your contact details below and we will send you further information.

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